What is your Technical Committee up to now?

Speakers: Sean Whitton & Elana Hashman & Gunnar Wolf & David Bremner & Christoph Berg & Niko Tyni & Margarita Manterola & Simon McVittie

Language: English

Track: Community, diversity, local outreach and social context

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Talks 1

Time: Aug 25 (Wed): 20:00

Duration: 0:45

Like every year, during DebConf21 the Debian Technical Committee wishes to share with you what we are up to. First of all, of course, we will go over the issues that have been brought to us. But, following up from last year’s presentation, we will continue presenting our ideas in how to reshape or reimagine the Technical Committee in a way it works better and is more useful for the project.