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Accepted Talks:

Debian Community Team BoF

Community team want time for a BoF to explain who we are / what we do and invite questions.

Speakers may include any/all of the Community team:

Jean-Philippe Menggual (texou), Andy Cater (amacater), Sruthi Chandran (srud), Steve McIntyre (Sledge), Molly de Blanc (mollydb), Luke Faraone lfaraone

DebConf21 Opening

The DebConf21 opening session.

Poetry Event

About previous debconf Poetry events, Rhonda wrote: “During debconf12 in Nicaragua, we met in a bar and had some poetry. It was a great idea that inspired to have one during debconf13 in Switzerland next to the campfire, which also gave it a great ambience. debconf15 in Germany also had one at the “stonehenge” place, unfortunately there was a concert scheduled at the same time, so the idea sort of faded away”

At previous online debconf20, there was a nice poetry evening, organised by Rhonda. (Video at ).

Let’s do one again this year. If you’d like to participate, contact me (joostvb@d.o, joostvb on IRC) and I’ll give you instructions and access to the live event.

As Rhonda wrote: “Let’s bring back some written thoughts that are moving.”