Holger Levsen has been a Debian user since over 25 years and an official Debian member since 2007. Since 2014 his main focus has been Reproducible Builds, though he is still involved in some other Debian areas like general QA and Debian Edu.

Accepted Talks:

Reproducible Buster, Bullseye & Bookworm - where we come from and where we are going

In this talk Holger Levsen will give an update on Reproducible Builds of Debian. He’ll briefly sum up the status in Buster, then present developsments in and for Bullseye and give an outlook on Bookworm, what’s planned, being built and wished for!

Bullseye will be the third Debian release since work on Reproducible Builds of Debian has really started: we started with the beginning of the Stretch cycle, then continued for Buster and we are still not done with our work on Bullseye, though hopefully at the time of the talk we will be. And then of course we will continue for Bookworm and beyond!

The last paragraph might leave you wondering, what exactly has changed, where we are, why we still are not “there” yet and what our immediate plans are. So come and see this talk!

src:developers-reference wants your help!

The Debian developers-reference handbook, or src:developers-reference or https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/ will turn 25 years in 2022 and while it has seen quite some modernisation over the years, there are still many areas of Debian where the reference has become somewhat outdated…

Holger will present a tiny bit of history of this important package, quickly present the modern parts (git, markdown, part of the Debian group on salsa) and the current translation workflow (which needs an overhaul…) and then finish the talk with a simple summary of all open wishlist bugs, which are mostly about pieces of documenation which needs to be written.

If you are looking for ways to improve Debian by writing and improving documentation and or translating it, this talk is for you!