Joost van Baal-Ilić (1970) is a Debian GNU/Linux user since 1998,
and a Debian Developer since 2000. He is a mathematician, lives in
Tilburg, The Netherlands, works for Tilburg University as a Linux
System Administrator and runs the ad 1810 company
( In his free time, he enjoys art, literature and poetry.

Accepted Talks:

Poetry Event

About previous debconf Poetry events, Rhonda wrote: “During debconf12 in Nicaragua, we met in a bar and had some poetry. It was a great idea that inspired to have one during debconf13 in Switzerland next to the campfire, which also gave it a great ambience. debconf15 in Germany also had one at the “stonehenge” place, unfortunately there was a concert scheduled at the same time, so the idea sort of faded away”

At previous online debconf20, there was a nice poetry evening, organised by Rhonda. (Video at ).

Let’s do one again this year. If you’d like to participate, contact me (joostvb@d.o, joostvb on IRC) and I’ll give you instructions and access to the live event.

As Rhonda wrote: “Let’s bring back some written thoughts that are moving.”