I help to maintain FreedomBox, a Debian blend for a private home server. I also help with packaging some network services and web applications, to replace proprietary cloud services.

Accepted Talks:

FreedomBox BoF

This BoF is for anyone interested in using or contributing to FreedomBox. It will start with a brief introduction to FreedomBox, overview of recent progress and roadmap. The rest of the time will be an open discussion. Here are some suggested topics:

  • How are you using / would like to use FreedomBox?
  • What hardware are you using, or would like to use?
  • What Debian packages would you like to see integrated into FreedomBox?
  • What software would be useful for FreedomBox, but is missing from Debian?
  • How can FreedomBox become more user friendly?
  • How can we promote FreedomBox to more people and groups?