Kurva Prashanth

I am a free software hacktivist at Free Software Movement of India. I'm a second-year undergraduate student pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering and also I'm interested in equitable education and excited about STEM subjects to work in agriculture through robots and sensor applications using free software, hardware.

On the side, I enjoy practicing sustainable agriculture, exploring new ways, Cultivating varieties of vegetables, flowers, field crops, & natural grass growing operations and testing ideas about the biological, social, and environmental aspects of farming.

Accepted Talks:

Debian in Retro Computers [పాత కంప్యూటర్లలో డెబియన్]

Do you have an old PC that has gathered layers of dust over time? Are you struggling to run basic tasks and don’t exactly know what to do with it?

A good place to start would be to install Debian that will perfectly support its low-end hardware specifications without hassle. We could still enjoy performing basic tasks such as web browsing, word processing, and watching videos, listening to your favorite music to mention a few. In this talk, we explore steps to install Debian in an old PC and breathe some life into it.