Philip Hands has been a Debian Developer since 1996, has been maintainer of packages including ssh & rsync, has been a member of DSA and the Technical Committee, and is the fool that designed and produced the Debian Tartan.

He's also a member of the Installer team and administers which is used for testing the installer (among other things).

Accepted Talks: -- automated testing of debian-installer and beyond

This talk is mostly going to be a guided tour around, along with a demonstration of how one goes about writing new tests (in the hope that people other than me will start putting tests together for their packages).

This talk will complement the branch2repo talk (which is largely about creating ISO images that are then tested in openqa).

branch2repo -- enabling casual contributions to debian-installer

branch2repo provides the glue to allow the assets from several repositories on salsa to be combined into one aptly repository. This can be used to build ISO images that enable unreleased versions of udebs (and debs for that matter) to be tested without the contributor needing to learn all the complications involved in building debian-installer.

I intend this talk to be a run-through of how this works, and a demonstration of what it allows in addition to the normal salsa-ci pipeline (on which it is built).

DebConf21 Opening

The DebConf21 opening session.