I'm a physicist by profession. I started using Debian in 1996 and became a maintainer in 1998. In 2002 I initiated the Debian Med project which became my main scope inside Debian. To find technical synergies between similar projects I'm propagating Debian Pure Blends.

Accepted Talks:

Debian Med BoF

This is the usual Debian Med BoF to report about details inside the Debian Med Blend and to discuss future development.

Debian Science BoF

Informal meeting of Debian Science members. Agenda is being updated during the preparation time.

One year of pandemie - lessons learned in Debian Med team

The COVID-19 triggered a really big effort in the Debian Med team with lots of new helping hands that contributed to an extend that was never seen before in the Debian Med team. In this talk conclusions from this will be drawn and it will be described what means of cooperation were conserved from the great effort and what turned out as a singular event which did not lasted over a long period of time.

Live packaging workshop

Debian packaging workshop with the goal to do some “live packaging” on some software which is not yet included in Debian but wanted by some attendee of the workshop. After a really short introduction I will ask the attendees for a packaging candidates. We will pick some software that seems promising to be successfully packages in the three hours of the workshop and just do the packaging. Attendees are expected to have hands on some Debian or Debian derivative machine to reproduce the steps that are demonstrated on the local machine.