Vagrant Cascadian

Vagrant Cascadian is a Debian Project Member who works on Reproducible Builds and packaging ARM and RISC-V firmware and bootloaders in Debian. Vagrant's favorite way to pass time is literally being thrown around by friends, but finds engaging with the Free Software community is almost as fun!

Accepted Talks:

Two Pinebooks walk into a bar...

The deep dark blackness of a screen with no backlight, the sound of a linux console screaming, laptops running (almost) silent in the night (and day), debian-installer on consoles unseen, welcome surprises landing late in the release cycle… and we must not forget the patches, oh, the terrrible patches!

The Pinebook and the Pinebook Pro are two affordable laptops running on the arm64 architecture and are reasonably well supported in Debian Bullseye (for some values of reasonable).

What works? What doesn’t?

Existence is rough for an arm64 laptop. Can two different Pinebooks learn how to share?

Looking Forward to Reproducible Builds

Reproducible Builds has been a project within the Debian community since 2013; huge progress has been made in those years, including broadening the community to projects outside of Debian!

This talk will mention some historic blockers that “recently” have been solved, worked around, or are actively in progress.

It will highlight some recent developments, with an eye to what might happen as Debian embarks upon the “Bookworm” development cycle.

Will also point out some exciting milestones reached by projects outside of Debian.