Thomas Goirand

Accepted Talks:

OpenStack Cluster Installer in Bullseye: what's new, what to expect

Since Buster, a lot of features have been implemented in OCI (OpenStack Cluster Installer) which now makes it ready for deploying full compute clouds production. This presentation will give the audience an overview of how it’s been made, and what can be done with OCI.

Cloud BoF

Debian is ideally suited to run in cloud environments and the cloud team has been hard at work ensuring that our users get the best possible experience. The team would like to invite you to learn more about what we’ve been up to, how we can help you, and how you can contribute.

Puppet packaging BoF

A lot of work has been done for packaging Puppet 6 in Bullseye, but unfortunately, it didn’t fully make it, as a major component (jruby) couldn’t be packaged.

This BoF is to get the Puppet packaging team together, and discuss the way forward for Puppet in Debian.