Resilience in FLOSS: Do founder decisions impact development activity after crisis events?

Speaker: Wm Salt Hale

Language: English

Track: Packaging, policy, and Debian infrastructure

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Talks 1

Time: Aug 24 (Tue): 18:00

Duration: 0:45

Does a package’s license family (protective versus permissive) impact how resilient the development activity is after a security advisory is released? This question was tested in my recently defended master’s thesis. As I edit and refine the work for further publication, it seems appropriate to present to the community that I based my analysis on.

I will be presenting an overview of previous scholarship in this area, the dataset that I built, the results of my statistical modeling, and a variety of implications this could have on future projects. Additionally, I intend to leave room to answer your questions and receive any feedback.

This talk should be approachable by anyone, but may be of increased interest to FLOSS project founders, those interested in software licensing, and anyone involved in research.