/?/ Kilted Globetrotter,
Free/Libre/Open Advocate,
and Lifelong Hacker /?/

Salt is a Seattle local studying Tech+Society at the UW, volunteering with Snowdrift.coop, and herding the flock for SeaGL. His focus is on FLOSS communities and policy. Salt has been using Linux as a daily driver since 1996 and will always be found wearing a kilt.

Accepted Talks:

Resilience in FLOSS: Do founder decisions impact development activity after crisis events?

Does a package’s license family (protective versus permissive) impact how resilient the development activity is after a security advisory is released? This question was tested in my recently defended master’s thesis. As I edit and refine the work for further publication, it seems appropriate to present to the community that I based my analysis on.

I will be presenting an overview of previous scholarship in this area, the dataset that I built, the results of my statistical modeling, and a variety of implications this could have on future projects. Additionally, I intend to leave room to answer your questions and receive any feedback.

This talk should be approachable by anyone, but may be of increased interest to FLOSS project founders, those interested in software licensing, and anyone involved in research.

Calling All FLOSS Founders

Have you (or a group of friends) started a free software project? How about a usergroup or conference? Maybe you haven’t yet, but are definitely considering it. Or, have you tried to start something new and found it didn’t work out the way you wanted? Have you witnessed the rise and decline of projects and events, and are you willing to share your stories? Come to the FLOSS Founders BoF and discuss your experience!

Alright, so this isn’t just a meet and greet. Two researchers from the University of Washington studying founder decisions would like to reach out to the source to learn what works and what doesn’t. We’ll both be at DebConf this year and are interested in gaining perspective from people who are willing to participate in a group discussion, sharing their thoughts about the process behind how FLOSS things are founded, and how that foundation may in turn influence their development and sustainability.

Hope to see you there!